video making

Video Making

During the work experience in Content Marketing I did three video interviews that developed my Video Making skills. Actually, it was in that very moment that my passion for the creation of videos started.

In the first approach, the steps of Video Making were:

  • Record of the video interview
  • Creation of the first slide: the presentation
  • Creation of the graphic animation to be used between one question and another

After that, there was the step of video editing, putting together all the different pieces previously created. An important thing, to be not underestimated, was the choice of the background music. Once chosen, it has to be adapted to the video, editing the volume according to the rest of the video.

Thanks to those Video Interviews, I could know and deepen my skills on Video Making and I couldn’t enjoy it more than I did! So, I decided to promote myself in an original way: a Video CV!

I decided which tool to use, and I started building it slide by slide. It contains all the basic info that a recruiter could need to know, such as what languages I speak, where I have lived, the jobs I did so far, my skills and why a company should choose me!

Have a look! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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