social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

The passion for Social Media Marketing made me dedicate my time also to the creation of Visual Content.

It’s unbelievable the number of people that it’s possible to reach through Social Media platforms; thanks to it, companies or professionals are able to have a “brand awareness” that helps to have success.

Social Media Content is characterized by pictures or videos that catch the attention of users in a very short time. The immediacy of it accelerates the process of brand awareness which is very important for every company.

In this of my portfolio, which is dedicated to Social Media Marketing, there is an example of the creation of a professional digital identity.

The starting point is the original Instagram account. Then there is the new one, recently created.

In this specific Social Media Account has been done the optimization of the visual aspect of the profile through Feeds and several Stories. The Bio of it has been created following the main Social Media Strategy and SEO for reaching more users. Every feed had a specific caption and the hashtags have been chosen according to the target, the market and the goal that we want to obtain.

It has been arranged the publication scheduling by applying previously decided strategies.

social media marketing strategy